The U.S lottery keeps climbing. The lottery recently hit an all time high which had more than the
Usher's "Bad Girl" song ends up in a bad situation, giving away 44 million dollars for the lyrics to
Rihanna is standing up for her rights and beliefs and Amy Shumer along with others are supporting her.
Meghan Markle is giving her father his first grandchild by Prince Harry. Meggan Markle 's father told The Mail
Tia Mowry and Loretta Devine land a deal with Netflix for a new series called ‘Family Reunion’ and will
On October 17th 2018 herstory was made, marking the first time in history  a woman is leading the U.S.
Cardi B stopped in to Jimmy Kimmel Live and talks about her surprise party and daughter Kulture. Cardi opened
Cardi B proves once again that she is unstoppable. Belcaliz snatched awards on October 16,2018. She took home four


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