LiL Peep Overdose On Drugs and Fans Final Words

LiL Peep Overdose On Drugs and Fans Final Words

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Lil Peep was an up and coming rapper. He was also the ex boyfriend to Bella Thorne. Lil Peep was so inspired to rap he left high school early , and moved to L.A. Early features oh his music played on YouTube then on Sound Cloud. Lil Peep’s sounds earned him a huge fan following.
Lil Peep recorded often from his room, no professional studio. Therefore, fans felt a deeper connection to him.

Three months ago he released his debut album “Come Over When You’re Sober”. Two days prior to his death Lil Peep posted suspect messages to his Instagram. Fans knew that LiL Peep was in a depression battling the struggles of the pill popping culture, however he was a talented and respected EMO rapper. Fans poured in words of love and support.

I feel emptyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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When I die You'll love me

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On Thursday, November 16th 2017 news of LiL Peeps death had surfaced the internet. Lil Peep posted prior to.

#LilPeep says he took 6 Xanax just a day prior to his passing.

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Fans pour out their respect:

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