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    11 Dogs Stolen from Chandler Resident Jeanine Nesvik

    Mother of 11 Dogs stolen offers a $17,000 reward

    11 dogs stolen from Chandler resident Jeanine Nesvik leaves a home empty and saddened on national puppy day, March 23rd. $10,000 was the former reward amount.

    According to Nesvik the dogs were taken while she was at work.

    Out of the 11 dogs she owned three and the others were rescued.

    “Dogs are like children to most people. So, whoever took these dogs basically took family members, and it cannot be tolerated,” said a rescue volunteer in a close-knit rescue community who asked not to be identified.

    The owner of the dogs was too distraught to talk.

    “She’s absolutely devastated right now. You know, tears are constantly flowing. There’s heartache, you’re wondering if your dogs are alright,” said the rescue volunteer.

    Of course, some are wondering how this could have happened.

    Jeanine Nesvik lives near Alma School Road and Warner Road in Chandler.

     Traffic, gas stations, as well as stores fill the intersection.

    According to officials, the suspect may have entered through the back gate from an alleyway behind the home. A neighbor said a white van may have been in the area.

    Nesvik is an animal advocate. In addition, A post by the rescue community posted more details.

    “Most of the dogs she had were long term medical cases or had behavior problems. Some were slated for euthanasia and she was their last chance of hopefully finding a forever home. Some of them were dropped on her doorstep or put over her fence. “

    “They knew she would try to help them, so she became known as the dumping ground with a heart. Through no fault of her own, she ended up with a lot of dogs nobody would take, but she loved each one with her whole heart,” also stating.

    Moreover, “Whomever took them took only her personal dogs or personal fosters or ones they could possibly profit from. Others were left behind which is more confusing. If you thought she was a hoarder, why leave any behind? Our girl is devastated and just wants her dogs back. Someone had to have seen something. If you have information please contact the Chandler police at 480-782-4001 or email the rescue at”

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