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    15 TV Characters That Fans Really, Really Didn’t Like

    “He’s literally the worst character on Grey’s! Between the anti-abortion accusations, cheating on Cristina to hurt her back, calling her selfish every time she didn’t want something he wanted, refusing to understand why Amelia didn’t want children after the death of her son, telling her she was incapable of love after she left him, refusing an abortion to a patient after Amelia told him Link and her were gonna have a baby, not recommending his sister in the Army for her dream job even though she was qualified because he thought she should focus on marriage and children, getting with Teddy after years of ‘I have feelings for you but I’m with Beth/Cristina/Amelia — the list goes on. I didn’t even feel bad for him when Teddy cheated on him on their wedding day, that’s how much I hate him.”


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