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    21 Celeb WandaVision Finale Reactions

    Well, it’s been a few days and I’m totally over the WandaVision finale.

    Disney / Via Giphy

    Just kidding, I’ll never be.

    So while we’re still processing, here are all the celebs who have posted about it too. First, most of the main cast shared lovely messages for the fans of the show:


    Elizabeth Olsen got emotional thanking everyone who was involved with the show:


    Paul Bettany shared his gratitude…


    Teyonah Parris was so excited and grateful for fans to see the big finale:


    Randall Park appreciated all the love for Jimmy Woo:


    Kathryn Hahn delighted in the fact that it was Agatha all along:


    Evan Peters shared how much fun he had making an appearance on the show:


    And Kat Dennings reminded us that there’ll always be Marvel movies to fill our WandaVision void:

    But the stars of the show weren’t the only ones talking about the big TV event:


    Mark Ruffalo shared a picture to describe our post-finale mood:


    John Stamos shared an adorable throwback photo of him and Elizabeth Olsen on the set of Full House:


    Sophie Turner was ready to fight about how much she loves the show:

    Sophie Turner/Instagram / Via @sophiet


    Yvette Nicole Brown shared important advice about staying for the post-credits scenes:

    If you’re watching the @wandavision finale today, stay until @disneyplus “kicks you out”.

    Let it play, you hear me?
    Let it ALL play.


    Twitter: @YNB


    Laurie Hernandez was emotionally attached:

    it’s hard being a highly sensitive person AND an empath when you’re emotionally attached to fictional characters

    *cough cough wanda maximoff cough cough*

    Twitter: @LaurieHernandez


    Melissa Fumero had so many relatable thoughts:

    Ok… watched it. “We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason—” … “we’ll say hello again.” I can’t. HER CHILDREN THO. Damn you and THANK YOU #WandaVision! What a ride. Also, I am not ok. Is white Vision gonna love her? HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANSWERS


    Rachel Zegler shared some Jimmy Woo appreciation:


    Kevin Smith got weepy:

    Watched it 3 times.
    Loved it ALL.
    Show was everything I wanted it to be.
    For the folks who say I cry over movies/TV because I’m too stoned?
    I haven’t smoked weed in a week.
    Stop blaming the herb.
    I’m just a soft boy.
    Goodbye, @wandavision.
    We’ll say hello again.

    Twitter: @ThatKevinSmith


    Katee Sackhoff wondered what we’re supposed to do now:

    I have a very serious question people……What the heck are we supposed to do without new @wandavision 😢 That finale!!! OMG I cried my eyes out 💔 Plus the End Credit Scene 😱 Just Awesome!!!!

    Twitter: @kateesackhoff


    Javier Muñoz tried to savor the experience:

    Held off as long as I could just to savor it but I finally watched the last episode of @wandavision…..😢
    This was a brilliant adventure.

    Twitter: @JMunozActor

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