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    21-Year-Old Dulce Ortiz was Arrested for Bribing a Deputy with Sex

    We heard smiling can get you out of a ticket, but Dulce Ortiz took it a step further.

    The 21-year-old was arrested for attempting to bribe a deputy with sexual acts.

    Officials responded to an incident on Wednesday in the Spring area. According to authorities Ortiz was involved in a car crash. The 21-year-old showed signs of intoxication. on Wednesday in the Spring area.

    The crash response was at the 5900 block of James C Leo Drive.

    Witnesses at the scene say a driver had reportedly hit a curb. The vehicle also went over a flower bed and damaged a neighborhood sign before fleeing the scene on foot.

    Witnesses also said a man had arrived on the scene a few minutes after the crash and attempted to take the blame for the incident before deputies got there.

    Deputies said the original driver returned to the crash site and was identified Dulce Ortiz. Ortiz showed signs of intoxication, according to officials, and was arrested.

    Dulce Ortiz was being taken to Harris County jail. She attempted to bribe the deputy by offering him “sexual acts and cash in exchange to be let go,” authorities reported.

    The deputy also noted no bond has been set.

    Many comments flooded the news.

    One person said, Ah, to be 20-something and able to offer sexual favors.

    Another posted, Well her mom did name her dulce… so.

    A mother also spoke out. How embarrassing for the parents. I’ve got daughters her age. Smh I’d be so disappointed.

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