68 details you might have missed on the final season of Game of Thrones

Costume designer Michele Clapton told INSIDER last season that each “little bit” of clothing or jewelry worn “says something about the character.”

At the start of the seventh season, as seen above, Daenerys was only just starting to wear hints of red.

“With Dany in particular, finally we’re getting the [Targaryen] red,” Clapton said. “She was a confused woman, she was wandering … trying to seek something. And now she’s finally got her armor, she’s finally got everything, and she can finally echo the style of her brother with the extended shoulders and the red and the symbolism.”

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The red dress Daenerys wore for Sunday’s episode is the most extreme version of this we’ve seen yet, and we doubt it’s coincidental she was in full-Targaryen mode when she was pressuring Jon to never speak a word about his claim to the Iron Throne.






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