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    99 new citizens sworn in for Jimmy Carter 99th birthday

    People representing 45 countries took the citizenship oath as part of the Carter Center’s events honoring President Carter’s 99th birthday.

    ATLANTA — “I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure,” repeated the new citizens as they took the citizenship oath.

    The Carter Center played host to 99 immigrants who transformed into American citizens on Sunday.

    The ceremony takes place once a year at the center according to immigration officials — but today has special meaning.

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    “It’s just amazing how God works in mysterious ways that I am one of the candidates that was selected for President Carter’s 99th birthday,” said new citizen, Ulanda Sutherland.

    Sutherland is from Jamaica and said she’s so happy to be naturalized.

    Fellow new citizen Aleksandra Barron shared Sutherland’s happiness.

    “This was really special and I’m really happy to be here and part of this larger group. I was crying throughout the ceremony. So it’s really emotional and I am thankful,” said Barron.

    Immigrants from 45 countries were represented at the ceremony, which was standing room only.

    They all took the citizenship oath and recited the pledge of allegiance and were given naturalization certificates.

    The ceremony is all part of the center’s weekend-long celebration of President Jimmy Carter’s remarkable life.

    Sutherland is hoping to build a wonderful life of her own here in the land of milk and honey.

    “It is a wonderful place. It is a place of freedom. It is a place of opportunities especially if you have children,” said Sutherland.


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