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    A 61-year-old Joaquin Ciria was Exonerated After Years of Prison for Murder

    After 32 years of prison 61-year-old Joaquin Ciria was exonerated following investigation of the murder of Felix Bastarrica.

    Felix Bastarrica was shot and killed in 1991.

    According to reports, there was no physical evidence linking Ciria to the crime. However, San Francisco police inspectors focused on Ciria.

    District attorney said the investigation was, “based on rumors on the street and statements of the getaway driver, George Varela.”

    New details prove that Bastarrica was killed by a mutual acquittance instead.

    Varela’s testimony only stated that he drove Joaquin Ciria to and from the crime scene. He never stated that he saw the murder but placed him at the scene.

    In addition, Joaquin Ciria had other witnesses that could confirm that he was not involved in Felix Bastarrica’s death.

    As the former inmate has been released, he has been awarded little over $1.6 million dollars, according to the California Victim Compensation Board.

    The father missed out on a lot of family time with his son.

    The 61-year-old spoke out about his exoneration.

    “It’s very hard, you know? Seeing your kid; them taking away your son. It’s sad, seeing your child growing up by himself,” Ciria’s mother Yojana Paiz told CNN affiliate KPIX. “But finally, we’re here. We’re at the end now. He’s gonna be out. Whatever God has for us, we have to accept it.”

    Joaquin Ciria is expected to be release next week. He has been transferred from Folsom Prison to San Francisco County jail.

    “As a result of this wrongful conviction, the State stole 32 birthdays, 32 Christmases, 32 years in which he could not be with his son for all the special moments,” Kaneb said also stated in an online statement.

    In addition, “Yet Joaquin has kept his big heart and easy smile and is full of joy as he looks forward to starting his life again.”

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