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    A Woman in Georgia Spends Three Months in Jail Because Police Thought Cotton Candy Was Meth

    A woman from Georgia by the name of
    Dasha Finchher spent three months in jail after two Georgia deputies said a field test of a blue substance found in a car turned up positive for methamphetamine.

    photo via NBC news

    Let’s compare the evidence. Cotton candy is a form of sugar and food coloring. Methamphetamine:
    1.Acetone is found in nail polish remover and paint thinner. It’s extremely flammable.
    2.Anhydrous Ammonia is found in fertilizer and some cleaners. Mixing it with other chemicals creates a toxic gas.
    3.Ephedrine/Pseudoephedrine is found in some cold medicines and diet pills. It can harm the respiratory system, nervous system, and heart in large quantities.
    4.Hydrochloic Acid is used to make plastic. It is so corrosive that it can remove rust from steel and is capable of eating away flesh.
    5.Lithium is found in batteries. It burns the skin, is highly explosive, and reacts violently with water.Red phosphorus is found on matchboxes, in road flares, and in other explosives. It is highly flammable.
    6.Toluene is found in brake fluid. It is so corrosive it can dissolve rubber.
    7.Sodium Hydroxide or lye is used to dissolve roadkill. It is corrosive and can also burn skin or cause blindness.
    8.Sulfuric Acid is found in drain cleaner or toilet cleaner. It is corrosive and can also burn the skin.
    Dasha fincher had none of these ingredients, yet she sat in jail for 90 days only to be found not guilty.
    Dasha Fincher claims that while she was in jail she missed several major life events, including the birth of twin grandchildren, and was refused medical care for a broken hand and ovarian cyst.

    Now Dasha has filed a lawsuit against Monroe County and the three officers involved for wrongful imprisonment and violating her civil rights. The lawsuit also targets Sirchie Acquisition Company, the maker of the field kit the deputies used to produce the mistaken test result.

    According to the lawsuit, Dasha Fincher was a passenger in a car that was pulled over by two Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies on December 31, 2016.


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