Addison Rae’s Bikini Photo Deleted Here’s Why

Addison Rae's Bikini (1)

Addison Rae’s bikini photo went viral the other day. The white bikini she sported on Instagram only featured the top, in which each bosom cup had a word. Those words, Father, and Son. But when people quickly found out that the bottom part of the bikini was designed with the words “Holy Spirit” they went in.

Some people called it blasphemy. Some people even quoted the scripture, Matthew 12:31: “Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.”

Before we go in on Addison Rae’s bikini, let’s remind ourselves that the bikini was approved for a marketed by Adida’s Praying brand.

The Praying by Adida’s brand markets several wearable items with biblical text

But the context of its attire is mainly provocative. For instance, one of the models wore a pair of leggings saying, “God’s Favorite”. But the models photo only shows her legs, however in the photo the model has cereal covering the genital area, while pouring milk on it.

Another model is seen holding a tablet in a praying bikini with her legs tied up by her braids. In a sensual bondage style pose.

Additionally, the brand doesn’t shy away from the idea of selling women’s bodies. They even have a model posted on a for sale sign while wearing their bikini line.

The backlash for the brand is not new. But the fact that Addison Rae supported has fans questioning her integrity. Prior to Rae’s support for the brand people who noticed it commented towards the idea.

One person posted saying, “Oh so this brand is just selling women’s bodies & practically pornographic pictures? If you need to market your products like this, your product sucks.”

Another person wrote, “its giving blasphemy” under a shirt the brand sales that says, I’ll talk to God when I’m dead.

The idea of the brand seems to undermine faith in a sarcastic way. Not to mention, the selling of female bodies.



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