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    Adele says she was disappointed by women’s comments about her weight loss

    British music star, Adele has expressed her disappointment with what some women said about her weight loss.

    The 33-year-old Grammy winner in her Vogue cover story published on Thursday October 7, said her body was objectified and women were the ones having the most “brutal conversations” about her dramatic weight loss.

    Adele said;

    “My body’s been objectified my entire career. It’s not just now. I understand why it’s a shock.”

    Shortly after revealing that she had lost about 100 pounds after exercising over a two-year period, some people accused the singer of looking “too skinny” at the time, while others remarked she should not have felt pressured to lose weight.

    A tweet shared in May 2020 read;

    “Am I the only one that misses old Adele?! he really didn’t have to lose all that weight. So [sic] already looked so gorgeous and confident Noooo Adele.”

    Another tweet shared in December 2019, a month after Adele debuted her slimmer figure at Drake’s party in 2019, read;

    “Celebrating Adele’s weight loss is a garbage thing to do for a million reasons. Here are two: 1. It tells your fat friends you think their bodies are a problem to be solved. 2. The weight loss could be the result of physical or mental health struggles. Weird to cheer about!”

    Adele says she was ?f?king disappointed? by women?s comments about her weight loss

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