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    Akihiko Kondo Known Fictosexual Marriage to Hatsune Miku has Ended

    38-year-old Akihiko Kondo, a Hatsune Miku fan was popularized as he openly spoke about being fictosexual.

    Fictosexual people fall in love with fictional characters, such as holograms.

    Kondo married his fictional character four years ago. His wife, Hatsune Miku, is a fictionalized 16-year-old pop singer hologram.

    Akihiko and Hatsune had a lavished wedding. He spent 2 million yen which is about $17,300 in American dollars on the wedding.

    The then 35-year-old did not have the approval of his family for the wedding.

    “For mother, it wasn’t something to celebrate,” Kondo told the Japan Times.

    Not one family member attended the wedding, but there were about 40 guests.

    The bride, Hatsune Miku, was also not there in hologram. Instead, the groom held her in his hand as a doll.

    Speaking on his love for her at the time, he said, “I never cheated on her; I’ve always been in love with Miku-san”. He continued, “I’ve been thinking about her every day.”

    Miku’s hologram floats in a $2,800 desktop device in his Tokyo home.

    “I’m in love with the whole concept of Hatsune Miku, but I got married to the Miku of my house,” he said.

    The fictosexual man is not the only one who married the hologram. At the time Gatebox, issued more than 3,700 marriage certificates to people who want to wed a hologram.

    The company also noted for those who married the hologram, to not expect her to be monogamous.

    The Groom did not seem to worry about the “test of times”. He said, Two-dimensional characters can’t cheat, age or die. “I’m not seeking these in real women. It’s impossible.”

    Unfortunately, Akihiko Kondo now says he is having issues with his hologram wife.

    An elimination of Gatebox software recently occurred. Unfortunately, this means, there are no more Miku holograms to communicate with.

    But that has not changed his feelings for his wife.

    “My love for Miku hasn’t changed.”

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