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    Alice Marie Johnson Talks About Her Life In Prison

    Alice Marie Johnson went on the Dr Oz show to talk about her life in prison, her journey out of prison, and her friendship with Kim Kardashian West. Alice was locked up in 1996 for her involvement in the cocaine industry. When Kim Kardashian West heard her story as to why and how she got involved she could clearly see that Alice’s imprisonment wasn’t fair. Kim turned to her attorney team to work on fighting for Alice’s freedom.

    Alice said she received a call from Kim’s attorney telling her a very well known and wealthy woman wanted to fight for her freedom. Although, Alice walked by faith in prison it wasn’t until after she stepped out of jail that she felt like her freedom from bars was real.

    While in prison Alice said she knew she had a calling by God. She was given advice from an older lady saying God knows where he has placed you. Alice continued to live her life as opposed to dying in jail.

    Alice said she had previous experience working with computers prior to jail. She used her experience to change laws for inmates. At the time she entered the system women with longer term sentencing were not allowed to have computer training, but Alice fought for them. She also began writing plays in which she became popular for during her lock down.

    One good deed deserves another. Just like Alice Marie Johnson fought for change for inmates, God would have someone fight for change for her.

    When Alice got the call she said she had no idea who this woman was who wanted to free her. She later found out the lawyer worked on the O.J trial and assumed her fighter was Kris Jenner, only to be surprised that it was Kris’s daughter Kim.

    Alice being locked up for so long had no idea who Kim was, and so without being start struck she began to form a real friendship with Kim.

    She goes on to say once she was released from jail, her first breath of outer air was not real. It wasn’t until she hugged her family that she realized she had actually been set free. Alice has gone on to work with Kim to fight for prison reform.

    The two will air a show on Oxygen in April, that will focus on justice reform. Alice Marie Johnson shares details of her fight in her book titled¬† “After Life“.

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