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    All The Theories From Taylor Swift’s Stephen Colbert Interview

    Fans have speculated both that 5+11+3+3+0+3+5 equals 30 — and 30 days from the interview is May 13 — and that 3+3+0+3+5 adds up to 14, leading to the following day, May 14.

    May 14 is a Friday, which is when new music is released, so it’s more likely that something would drop that day. But we ~could~ get an announcement the day before, on the 13th, which is how Taylor announced “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” back in February.

    In that instance, the date was 2/11 — and 2+11 is, of course, 13.

    The song was included in the movie’s trailer, which dropped last month — and, if Taylor is in fact rerecording full albums at a time, that would suggest 1989 is coming next.

    That would also make sense from a business perspective, since so many of the songs from 1989 — “Shake It Off,” “Blank Space,” and, of course, “Wildest Dreams” — are hugely in demand for use in movies, TV shows, and ads. The sooner she can license her own versions of those songs for use, the better.

    Spirit Untamed is scheduled for release in the US on June 4, so “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” could drop either on that date or before.

    Maybe on May 14? Or maybe we’ll get “Shake It Off (Taylor’s Version)” on that date, and “Wildest Dreams” in June? Perhaps — hear me out — followed by the full 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on June 25, which not only fits my earlier theory about the 44 years and 179 days, but is also a Friday?

    Maybe I’m just a clown. It wouldn’t be the first time. But I am a Swiftie — and 6/25 does add up to 13.

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