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Kim Wayans In Living Color For Voting As Miss Benita Butrell

Kim Wayans had so many people doing something that told their age when she brought back the nostalgic character Miss Benita Butrell  from In Living Color. She used the character alter ego to encourage voting.

“Yeah. Hey, how you doing? The O. C. It’s me, but leader Betrayal from the Hopkins projects at least what’s left of him. It’s a damn shame how this neighborhood has changed. We got less black folks in the episode of friends. Well, with democracy collapsing faster than the woody on fake Viagra decided to get out here and try to get out the vote because I see where this is headed.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m alerted Thio looking at there goes my girl clean the Jefferson and her two adorable little boys. Hey, Khlifa, Look, look, look, look, Look. How you doing, girl? Clean. Please tell me you voting.

That’s right, girl. I knew I could depend on you. And you’re setting a fine example for your two adorable little angels. Little devils is more like it. This kid so bad to make a wish foundation trying to put a hit on a person. Oh, look at that. There goes my girl. Easterly CEO Lee. How you doing, baby girl? Easterly.

You registered to vote? That’s my girl, honey, cause you know, this year every vote counts and it’s good to see you. Where is your face mask. I know you got pre existing conditions. And ugly is one of us face mask, man. The best thing that ever happened that girl Don’t let them. Pretty green high school. You from the nose down. She’s all horses are the Oh, somebody grabbed Bojack horseman and do a paternity. Oh, all she needs is satellite. You walk around, E. You heard that from me? No thesis. Some troubling times, honey. People are worried about crime and food shortages, but not Miss Benita. I’ve been prepared. I’ve been making my own astronaut to I got in a drive, sat back and pickled black liquor Wish to last a lifetime s. Please, everybody get out there and vote. And young people, I hope you all registered to work those polls. What did you just say? Mrs. Jenkins was working the pole. 00 e Bacon’s.

That’s a national treasure. There. I help you. Oh, z e. Wow. Just don’t let her use your bathroom. Lemon booth”

People were so excited about Kim Wayans bringing this character back saying, 😂😂😂!!! I always loves this character! You are so talented! Making me want to stream In Living Color today. Epic show. Epic actors.

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