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Lorell Lane Yahoo Finance Money Moves on Social Media Marketing

Lorell Lane is known for her Social Sales Lab helping entrepreneurs with social media ad tactics. You’ve probably seen her before. If you have seen her once then you have seen her several times. Her ads strategy keeps her in front of the audience and ahead of the game, so much so that Yahoo Finance ranks her as one of the top five entrepreneurs to look out for in 2021.

Lorell Lane was interviewed a while back by blogger Siloam Lackey for CEO In Her which airs on Roku through Business and Entrepreneur TV and can be found on line at . 

Her humble beginnings come from working in the media Industry fresh out of college.

She worked her position in T.V advertisement for 8 years. “My job for a living was to create and plan T.V commercial campaigns for fortune 500 companies, and then manage them over the course of years. So it was really a high demand position and it put me in a place where I learned so much about advertising.”

Once she decided to pursue entrepreneurship Lorell says she was faced with a decision of rather or not to go full force and invest in herself to make her dreams come true.

“I had quite a few mentors within the corporate world but other than that after I left it was more about figuring it out, and applying those same strategies that I use with my clients. I actually was coached by Danielle Leslie, not necessarily with ads but she helped me package up the skill set to branch out on my own.”

That decision has given her long time success, and has helped others with their Ad strategies. Yahoo Finance wrote, Lorell Lane is a rising thought leader and advertising expert, combining branding with high level ad strategies for over 8 years for large corporations, TV networks & Forbes 500 companies, prior to creating her very own marketing accelerator program, the “Social Sales Lab”. She has a passion for helping entrepreneurs use social media ads so they can experience freedom.With one of the only virtual training programs to provide results using a complete and proven ads blueprint, the Social Sales Lab strives to teach the very system that allows your dream clients to find you, request your products or services and buy from you over and over again. To find out how to create an automated and predictable sales process that runs like a 24/7 machine, check out the Free Masterclass on how to triple your sales in 60 days using Facebook & Instagram ads.

Not only has she received notariety from Yahoo Finance, but her name has also been affiliated with NBC, The CW, Univision, Viacom and The Huffington Post.

Lorell Lane is making money moves, that can help you too.

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