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Taraji has been hitting us with hints on the gram recently with TPH by Taraji. She made her first Instagram announcement Tuesday January 7th, saying something big is about to happen, and you’ll find out real soon. The same day Taraji posted a picture of her self rocking blonde curls, with the caption, “Hi yal I did my hair with my products!”

Many other celebrities supported her including Erykah Badu, Octavia Spencer. Erykah Badu wrote “Hit girl winter.”

This is not the first encounter Taraji has had with the hair industry. She revealed that she actually used to do hair back in college to earn extra money.

“I know that if I didn’t go into acting, I would have been a cosmetologist,” Henson told People in an exclusive interview.

Although, her acting career took off well the actress says she never lost her passion for hair. Taraji  has been working on her new hair collection, TPH by Taraji, for 10 years. “I was like a mad scientist,” said the Golden Globe winner about creating the line, which she started concocting in her kitchen.

TPH by Taraji is said to launch in Target stores on Jan. 29th. tHer product is an 18-piece product line that was created for every texture, including straight to wavy to curly to coily. The line is color-coordinated and is divided into four parts: cleansing and care, repair, treatments, and scalp-care.

Taraji told Allure that she particularly wanted to focus on scalp care products due to her own experiences wearing weaves over the years.

“The first time I went to get the weave taken out, it smelled like mildew. I was so embarrassed. I was washing my hair, but wasn’t drying the weft,” she said. “When you have a weave or an install, your hair is braided down and then sometimes they sew a hair net down on top of that and then they sew the hair tracks on top of that. My dilemma was how do I get to my scalp? How do I clean it? I didn’t ever want that mildew smell again.”

Taraji’s products contains a master cleanse with a special mixture that she uses on her hair to refresh her scalp when she wears weave.

Fans can’t wait to get there hands on the brand as the weave industry is major now and days, Thanks Taraji this is much needed.




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