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    Alternative Soul Artist Fousheé Talks Controlling Her Narrative Through Music

    Alternative Soul Artist Fousheé Talks Controlling Her Narrative Through Music

    With a euphonious voice, tender lyrics, and smooth instrumentals, Brittany Fousheé believes her music speaks for itself. Known professionally as Fousheé, the mononymous singer became widely recognized as the vocalist on Sleepy Hollow’s “Deep End Freestyle” last Summer. The Brooklyn rapper swiftly rhyming over Fousheé’s captivating hook unknowingly spearheading a viral TikTok hit.

    Ignited by racial injustice and the height of the pandemic, Fousheé released the extended version to “Deep End,” transforming a drill record into a somber tune. The arrangement emphasized the emotion of the original track and resonated with listeners in a different way. “It’s pretty cool to see what the full [version] ended up being,” Fousheé says. As the artist continues to evolve and experiment, one thing she wants to always be able to do is control her own narrative, especially as a Black woman in music.

    Photo: Matt Cowen

    Newly signed to RCA Records, Fousheé built a name for herself long before landing a major record deal. She released her debut single, “Melody,” back in 2016, hoping to connect with fans on a deeper level. “Before I leave this earth I want to see my dream through and tell my story,” she expresses.

    The singer-songwriter credits her Jamaican-born mother for her melodious roots. A musician herself, Fousheé’s mom was a drummer in an all-female reggae band. “Music was always a dream from when I was [about] five putting on concerts for my family.”

    As a child, Fousheé was introduced to an extensive record collection, listening to legends like Bob Marley, Celine Dion, Etta James, and Aretha Franklin. With influences that spaned generations, Fousheé became an authentic music lover who blends jazz, alternative rock, and R&B in her songs.

    Without hesitation, the melodic singer describes her sound as Alt-Soul, a sub-genre that’s equally progressive and traditional. “It’s still soul at the core,” she explains. “But I try to incorporate an element that I love; especially from alternative music and rap.”

    Beyond musicality, Fousheé wants listeners to feel the honesty in her music, which she achieves via falsetto notes, whispery textures, and dreamy riffs. Typically her songwriting process begins with a guitar. Oftentimes she plays around with chords, trying to find the right combination. “I think there’s something beautiful about a song and guitar. [When] everything is so overproduced, it loses that initial feeling.”

    Fousheé grew fond of the instrument after witnessing fellow musicians perform solos during live sets. “The appreciation for it made me want to learn how to play,” recalls. “I think doing that helps a lot with songwriting and performing. Once you learn how to play an instrument, it just makes all the other things easier, like writing and producing.”

    Photo: Matt Cowen

    Fousheé left her hometown in New Jersey and moved to New York City to pursue music. As an independent artist, she immersed herself in the local music scene and frequently performed at well-known venues such as The Village Underground, Cafe Wha?, and SOB’s. “I’ve always wanted this [success] but I had a naive perception of it,” she says. “I had to get out of my comfort zone. Move away from my home and just grind.”

    Now based in LA, the singer recently put out the official music video for “Single AF,” a track she released late last year. The imaginative visual was well-received with nearly 500,000 views to date. Nevertheless, the cinematography complements the tuneful record. The opening scene captures Fousheé sitting on a windowsill, playing with her strawberry blonde curls as the track begins. “I tested my patience/ Confronted my fears/ And finally faced them/ Now I can say I’m good on my own.”

    The soulful songstress recalls penning the record about three years ago. Written from a place of contentment rather than heartbreak, “Single AF” is a celebratory ode to singleness. “I had just been through a breakup and it was not a bad breakup. [It was] like a healthy breakup. We’re still friends and still on good terms,” she reveals.

    Months after releasing the unforgettable song, Fousheé is expanding her discography. Her latest single, “Sing About Love,” teases a full-length project set to release soon. “It’s such a good time to make music,” she says.“I want to be creative as possible and keep people guessing.”

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