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    AmalaRatna aka Doja Cat Plastic Surgery Rumor Is Super False She Says

    AmalaRatna Zandile Dlamini aka Doja Cat confirmed that the Doja Cat plastic surgery rumor is super false. The Pop singer Doja Cat brought the proof on Instagram Live yesterday, after a popular YouTube created a video where she pointed out plastic surgery that she believed Doja underwent.

    According to Doja Cat, she’s 100% natural. Here’s Doja going CRAZY over a blogger’s claim that she had surgery.

    Doja claims she never had a nose job, nor a BBL, nor anything else.

    Although the singer has had public rants about the things she was insecure about she confirmed in a 2018 interview that she would not have surgery. She said: “There’s a little things I would like to do, for sure. I thought about getting eyelash extensions. Little things. I wouldn’t get my lips done, I wouldn’t get my nose done.”

    In a post via Twitter she said, “I wanna get surgery so bad. My whole life I always wanted to be different and now that I got money I feel like I can finally make my knees 8 inches long and wet.”

    However, we know from Aurelio Sanchez that the right kind of make up artist can make anything look different.

    This is not the first time AmalaRatna Zandile Dlamini has had to fight off rumors. Doja Cat was accused of doing cocaine after she shared an Instagram Live video where she appeared to be slurring and wiping her nose. Doja denied being on drugs and said she doesn’t even smoke weed anymore. She also said she had drunk so much that night that she had given herself alcohol poisoning.

    She also faced backlash about a Beyonce joke gone bad. Nevertheless, from the rumors to the unguarded truths the artist never fails at maintaining popular vote and inviting entertainment.

    We can’t see a big enough difference to confirm a nose job, what about you?

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