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    Amber Heard Sister Whitney Henriquez says Depp Took Sisters Happiness

    Amber Heard sister Whitney Henriquez Sister looked different after being with Depp

    Amber Heard sister Whitney Henriquez told court, “if you were to do a photograph side by side you would see two totally different people.”

    Henriquez began by saying, how fun, funny, and loving Amber was prior to Depp.

    “I was a progression that took over such a long period of time. It was so slow. She suddenly stopped sleeping as much.” According to Amber Heard sister, towards the end of the relationship she was not physically well.

    “She may be weighed 100 pounds.”

    Whitney continued “She developed a heart condition. Her eyes were sunken in.”

    However, Depp’s attorney asked the court to sustain the mentioning of Ambers’ heart condition. The judge granted the request.

    Whitney recalled a time the couple argued in front of them. She left the two in the kitchen to speak with Depp’s nurse in attempt to calm Amber down. In anger Depp threw a red bull can and it hits his nurse on the back. She mentioned Depp ran up on them and hit her (Amber Heard sister) in the back.

    As Heard defended her sister, Whitney says Depp grabbed her sister by the hair and beat her. Eventually, the physical altercation was broken up. Heard’s sister pulled her into a separate room.

    Nevertheless, Henriquez says Depp’s anger still remained. He shouted hate words towards them, from a separate location in the home.

    The next day, Heard’s sister said she discovered Depp destroyed Amber’s closet.

    “Racks overturned. Art off the wall. Broken Glass.”

    As a result, Depp asked Whitney to sign a NDA. She claimed she did not sign it. She moved out of the couples home due to accusations that she sold information to the press.

    Depp’s attorney argued Heard’s sister encouraged Depp to beat her. This comes as a text Whitney sent to Johnny mentioned him hitting her sister.


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