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    An Indianapolis Malls Good Samaritan Takes Down Domestic Terrorist

    An Indianapolis malls Good Samaritan took down an active shooter after witnessing him the tragedy. According to reports the Greenwood Malls shooter was a 20-year-old man.

    So far officials have not given up his identity. He had a rifle with several magazines.

    However, the Indianapolis malls spokesperson released a statement.

    We grieve for the victims of yesterday’s horrific tragedy in Greenwood. Violence has no place in this or any other community. We are grateful for the strong response of the first responders, including the heroic actions of the Good Samaritan who stopped the suspect.
    BREAKING: Police raid the home of the Greenwood Mass shooter. We are LIVE at 9AM with what we know.

    According to reports the gunfire reports came in shortly after 6 p.m.

    The chief gave no indication the shooter knew any of the victims or that the attack was personal.

    “This type of situation is horrible,” according to Jim Ison, the police chief of Greenwood, Indiana.

    Four of six females fell victim to the attack. A 22-year-old Four of six people who were injured or killed were female.

    The good Samaritan who shot the domestic terrorist had a conceal to carry.

    “The real hero of the day was the Samaritan that was lawfully carrying a firearm who was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as it began,” Ison said.

    A mother spoke out to FOX 59 correspondent, Angela Ganote.

    She said, my kids and I were finishing up shopping at Dicks Sporting Goods and we’re walking out to our car. We debated on going underneath the awnings but as we were approaching that area, we heard multiple gunshots that sounded like ricocheting off the walls. People were running and screaming. I told my girls just to keep running as fast as we could.

    Once we got to my car we took off. Police cars were flying into the area and people were just trying to get out whichever way they could safely. When we first heard it, we looked down towards the food court and saw what looked like fire and people running too. That sound is something I will never forget. Kids and families running to protect their kids. The screaming was gut wrenching to hear. My kids were so scared and crying. Once we made it home safely, they broke down because they finally knew we were safe and out of harm.

    Another shooting occurred near Indianapolis Malls Greenwood Park Mall the same day.

    Additionally, one person was killed during a vigil at Beach Grove.

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