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    Anita De-Soso Advocates For Patrilineal Inheritance

    The former women’s organizer and first Vice Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress has bemoaned the cruel treatment some women mete out to men in Ghana.

    Speaking to this reporter in her shop she said among other things that it’s most irrational and wicked for any woman to poison the mind of her child to antagonize his/ her own father no matter what.

    Anita who has been a friend of this reporter since 2003 shocked this reporter with her sense of reasoning by saying that she as a woman will never set her children against their father whether in marriage or divorce. “We Ewes and Northerners inherit paternally and so the man owns the children as a result there’s no way a man can lose his children to the woman.

    It doesn’t matter whether the man rose up to his responsibility or not. In our tradition, if a woman raises children, she does so for the man unlike other maternal situation when women claim the children at the peril of the man. Most Ghanaian men suffer as a result of their system of inheritance where they suffer and struggle to take care of their children but end up losing the kids when the mothers poison and Ill direct the children that render the men in serious predicament. Today, some men are marrying paternally inherited women to get full control of their children.

    It’s quite heartbreaking in some culture and tradition where the men in Ghana suffer in their old age as a result of divorce or separation. I have a similar case where my last born wanted to snub her father but l stood up and said no ,don’t neglect your father. Today my daughter and her father are in close contact.

    Many women would have ill advised her daughter to disown the father as a result of our separation. We inherit paternally and so the children belong to the man and that is our culture and tradition. I will therefore admonish Ghanaian men to marry women whose kids belong to them and not the other way round.

    “I pity men who divorce their wives because in their old age they go through hell as a result of their system of inheritance. We Ewes find difficult to poison the mind of our children as this is against our culture, besides it’s not my style to punish my children’s father even if he didn’t take care of his own kids”

    The business woman and Politician said when she is advising women, she tells them to pardon their wayward husbands because God blesses children through their fathers not through mothers.

    She however advised father’s to respect women because women suffer a lot to nature and bring up children . “I have single handedly taken care of my children but it doesn’t not allow me to set my children against their biological fathers. If you do that you fulfill the desire of the creator.

    “Let all men grow in peace and feel the care and warmth of their children because men suffer lot in their old age in Ghana. I have some male friends who are going through difficult times as a result of the marriage they contracted. She jokingly ended by saying ” If you had married an Ewe or northerner you would be enjoying you old age”

    Source: Nana Poku

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