Anna Nicole Smith’s Family Members Were Convinced Murder Plot Claimed Her Life


Anna Nicole Smith‘s untimely death at the age of 39 was an unfathomable loss to her family members, who remained convinced that a sinister plot claimed her life in the years to follow. can exclusively report that people close to the case assembled a dossier of explosive information in 2015 and made a plan to present their findings to law enforcement about what went down in Smith’s Florida hotel room that fateful day.

The Playboy bombshell’s grieving half-sister Amy said there was a “strong possibility she was murdered.” She and Anna Nicole’s other half-sister Donna begged cops to take a fresh look at the evidence they had gathered. uncovered a series of sensational revelations during a lengthy investigation on the case that were first published on the eight-year anniversary of her mysterious death in February 2007. One being that informants believe that a murderer staged Smith’s death as an overdose, or that she was potentially coerced into taking her lethal cocktail.

Others believed the coroner’s report was possibly “faked” or that she allegedly may have received a “mysterious injection” prior to her passing.

Smith’s death was ultimately ruled an “accidental” drug overdose, but her family believed the full truth surrounding her death remained untold.

Authorities concluded that eight of 11 drugs found in her system were prescribed to her lawyer and former boyfriend, Howard K. Stern. Stern was prosecuted for conspiracy in her death and found guilty in 2010, although that decision was overturned.

“I believe that instead of giving her the help she needed he was an enabler to her,” Donna said. Stern, however, maintained his innocence.

His lawyer Steve Sadow previously told in a statement that his client “is not facing and will not face any more questions over Anna’s death; Anna’s death was a tragic accident and Howard lost the love of his life when Anna passed.”

“Howard was found not guilty by a jury of all but two minor charges, and both of those involved prescriptions were put in Howard’s name by Anna’s doctor to protect Anna’s privacy.”

Another layer of the mystery was video captured on surveillance cameras, which showed a shadowy figure slipping into Smith’s room hours before she died.

One source speculated that “a murderer could have staged her death as an overdose.” A friend of hers said it could be possible because “she was in fear for her life.”

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