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    Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Tom Hanks Take Metaphysic AI Route – The Music news

    Generative AI tech firm Metaphysic has finally announced its new system for what it claims could help actors and other individuals to navigate the creation and management of their personal data including their likeness and voice — while saying that early users include Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Paris Hilton and Maria Sharapova.

    In January, the company unveiled a strategic partnership with CAA, the talent agency that reps Hanks, Wilson, Spencer and Hathaway.

    Thursday’s Metaphysic announcement was light on details, but claims that this system, dubbed Metaphysic Pro, could effectively help actors to use generative AI algorithms to create their own face, voice and performance data over time, as well as help “manage” how it is used by third parties, including consent, compensation and the thorny issue of copyright, which is still being examined in courts.

    How actors will control their personal information in the age of AI is a central issue that prompted the current SAG-AFTRA strike.

    Metaphysic co-founder and CEO Thomas Graham said in a released statement, “AI will change content creation and storytelling forever. Whether you are an actor, performer, sportsperson or just a concerned citizen, it is critical that everyone takes active steps to protect their personal data that can be used to create a perfect AI version of your likeness or performance.”

    “We need to support a secure, transparent platform for performers, IP holders and filmmakers to coordinate the use of personal data to create AI content. And it needs to have consent and compensation at its heart,” Graham added. “With the right coalition of individuals and industry stakeholders, we can build systems for the future that respect the contribution of all artists and performers involved.”  

    Perhaps most recognized as the talent behind @DeepTomCruise, Metaphysic previously revealed that Hanks and Robin Wright, along with additional castmembers, will be de-aged using its generative AI-driven Metaphysic Live tool, for use in Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming Miramax movie Here.

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