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    Anne Heche Body Bag Video Shows Her Still Alive Then Sedated

    Anne Heche body bag video on the day of the accident shows the actress popping out while being carried by LAFD.

    The video of Anne Heche circulated after the actress was taken off of life support. On the day of the accident David Manpearl saw Heche’s car speeding and then heard a thud. He ran out of his to see what created the sound.

    Once he arrived at the scene, he saw the front wall of the house missing. The car went through the house and lodge into a wall in the back. The tenant of the home couldn’t move because the ceiling came down.

    A neighbor from across the street, Trevor Colbert, ran over to the house to help. He also took a fire extinguisher with him.

    The two rescued the tenant along with her two dogs and tortoise. They went back in to rescue Heche but stated fire began to flame everywhere.

    “It got to a point where there was fire everywhere.” He said, “It was all around us.” “It had spread from the car to the house and the smoke was getting thick. I kept hoping that the fire department was there, but it hadn’t come yet, and eventually I had to leave the house for my own safety.”

    Once the news and Los Angeles fire department arrived the 53-year-old, Anne Heche was pulled by L.A. firefighters from the wreckage of her burned Mini Cooper.

    As news outlets captured the incident live, video of LAFD carrying Anne Heche body bag was aired. She was presumably dead. But suddenly she pops out of the body bag LAFD place her in the ambulance. Fox 11 reported that she was sedated for the ride to the hospital.

    While at the hospital she was reported brain dead. A few days later taken off of life support and pronounced dead.

    On Saturday after Heche’s death social media quickly picked up the video of the “Donnie Brasco,” “Six Days Seven Nights” actress popping out of the body bag, leaving speculation to her death.


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