Are You Ready For J Ready?


J Ready will leave you too ready for some….well you tell us. The smooth RandB Prince from Chicago is falling right in line with Trey Songz and Jeremih.

Who Influenced Your Music Career?

I was influenced by artist like Earth, Wind, &; Fire, Carl Thomas, Marvin Gaye, Kelly Price, R.kelly, George Benson, Prince and so many more. My Father instilled music into my soul. My father being a singer made it almost second nature for me to follow the path set before him.

When Did You get the Aha moment that singing is what you were going to do for your career?

I knew I had to pursue my dreams after the passing of my late great mother from Cancer. She inspired me to pursue music. Her last words to me was “Stop hiding behind your talent. God gave you that to share with the world. Don’t be selfish”. Ever since then I never shied away from his musical destiny.

J-Ready’s doesn’t just have the ability to sing, but he is fully involved with his music. He writes his own lyrics.

Every song that I have written came from real life experiences. Dancing, rapping , and poetry is my way of reenacting those experiences. It is by melody that others can form an intricate picture from listening to the music to decipher their own interpretation.

The most recent project that was released from J-Ready is Wild-Flower. A smooth yet edgy RnBsingle boasting 420 awareness. A befitting follow up to Wild-Flower Poo-Poo was released. A nice melodic RnB Migos infused flow. Describing when a couple goes out together and they dress to impress. How quickly the haters start talking mess.

As of now J-ready is finishing up his EP Album and has several singles he plans on dropping in the near future. Other related projects that J-Ready is a part of. The Branding Organization Concept 312. A group dedicated to al l things business. i.e. Social media branding, Event Coordinating, Credit Repair, Real estate, Entertainment Booking and many other services to be named. Recently J-Ready has also Opened his own Record Label Called Dae’Rashid Records. HE
also has formed a Partnership with Manatee Records a Jamaican base record company . They are well known for their international dealing with artist like Sean Paul , Elephant Man and others

What sets J-Ready apart from other artist would be his true love for the art of music. He believes RnB is in a State of shock and is going extinct. He says the main culprit is his arch enemy Auto-tune and Mumble Rap. J-ready’s Music is for the culture who likes new school but still has that old school format and
feel. The type of music you can play in front of your grandparents and they want to turn up right along with you depending on your song selection. A little something for everybody.


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