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    Arthur Cartoon Ends With Arthur As A Grown Up

    The Millennial nostalgia of Arthur cartoon has reached it’s end after 25 years.

    According to the PBS, which is planning for the end of the cartoon with a major marathon, Arthur‘s series finale will flash-forward to see what the titular aardvark and his pals are like as adults.

    It presumably won’t be as jarring as, say, the final scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2. Animation can make the aging process more seamless.

    According to reports, it’s all part of the show’s 25th anniversary, which will include a marathon of more than 250 episodes of the show, as well as movie specials that will air on PBS Kids and livestream on the network’s YouTube channel from Feb. 16-21.

    Can you all imagine what Arthur’s voice will sound like? Sara DeWitt, PBS Kids’ senior vice president and general manager said, “For more than 25 years, Arthur and his friends have kept viewers learning and growing through their true-to-life experiences. She continued saying,  “We can’t wait to debut these episodes and introduce new Arthur content that will give fans more ways to engage with their favorite aardvark.”

    Arthur cartoon has traveled from the millennial to the gen z generation. The first episode aired October 7th, 1996. Right at the cusp of the millennial end, which runs from 1991 to 1996, as Gen z started in 1997 and ended in 2012.

    Four final episodes of the adolescence of the Arthur cartoon will show Arthur and his friends solving a mystery, seeing a silent movie, finding out what it’s like to be a reporter, learning how to help a grieving friend, going on a family vacation, and getting a hint of their futures from a mysterious fortune-telling game.

    PBS Kids is planning to release a whole lot of Arthur-related content in 2022 and beyond, including a podcast, video shorts, and digital games.

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