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    Ashanti in High School Versus Now Will Shock You

    Ashanti in high school versus now had fans stun, but most importantly looking back at herself shocked her too.

    The 41-year-old princess of Murder Inc graduated from Glen Cove High School in 1998. Now 24 years later the Hollywood Walk of Famer decided to take a trip down memory lane. During an episode of CBS Mornings Morning Mixtape, she strolled through her old high school halls. The trip celebrated the 20th anniversary of her self-titled debut album, “Ashanti”.

    For her first stop in the school, the legendary singer surprised students during music class and discussed her own experience in the course. “I was here just like you guys; I did Oklahoma.”

    She continued her speech by wishing the starstruck teens “nothing but good luck.”

    As Ashanti approached photos of herself and fellow classmates on the wall she said, “I been lit; that’s my school hall of fame – wall of fame picture. Oh my gosh it is so crazy.” The “Foolish” singer said in her video.

    Ashanti revealed she graduated high school at 16 years old.

    Reflecting on the younger Ashanti in High school “CBS Mornings” co-host Nate Burleson asked, “What type of support did you get from your parents when it came to chasing your dreams?”

    “The cool thing about my parents, whatever I wanted to do, they were with it,” she replied.

    Her families support helped bolster her plan to stick with music, even after a number of failed record deals, and a decision to turn down an opportunity to run track at Princeton.

    “We had that scholarship for Hampton and Princeton … it’s a big deal,” Ashanti said.

    “I was super-young. I was 16 when I graduated. It was scary, you know. I moved to Atlanta. Things didn’t work out. And I had to still hold my head high even though inside I was just, like, ‘Why is this happening

    Ashanti Douglas’s mom, Tina Douglas was also a dancer. The “What’s Love” artist noted how her mom mistook her voice as someone on the radio when she was younger.

    CBS’s Nate Burleston also asked Ashanti how she saw her life ending up, “How does your story end?”

    Closing her eyes in order to vividly imagine her future life, Ashanti answered, “I think my story ends with an amazing legacy with me being happy and I think my story’s gonna end with an amazing family and husband and kids, being very proud and happy. When it does all go away, I’ll have my star and the family will be able to resonate on that forever and ever and ever.”

    As fans caught snippets of Ashant in High school via her Instagram post they pointed out similarities.

    One person said, Wow u never changed, and I loved the long hair.

    Another person said, You looking just like momma Tina in that picture.

    What do you think? Does Ashanti look just like her mom? Does She still look the same?

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