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    Ashanti’s Love Life Is Trending After Sharing Photo With Mystery Gentleman

    Ashanti’s Love Life Is Trending After Sharing Photo With Mystery Gentleman

    The Internet says Ashanti has some explaining to do after posting a picture with a man people have run off and decided is her boyfriend.

    The star, who has been sharing images for quite some time now of her most recent getaway to Mexico for sister Kenashia’s (or Shia) birthday, posted one in particular of herself posing with an unknown man at a restaurant called Taboo in Cancun. She was there with family and friend, and we assumed he was an employee (manager perhaps) of the Mediterranean spot, but others concluded that he was her new beau.


    The singer’s name has been trending ever since the image went viral on Thursday night.

    The comments about the man and the singer have been both comical as well as catty, with attempts to call out the hypocrisy of people concerning interracial dating.

    Though strangers have so much to say about the photo, the singer has stayed quiet on the matter. We’re not surprised considering that it seems any guy she takes a picture with, people assume she’s dating them. It seems like just yesterday that she was denying a romance with rapper Flo Rida after they were seen hanging out on a boat during this same Mexican trip.

    “Aht aht,” she said with the ‘hand raised’ emoji when addressing those rumors earlier this month. “Flo is my brother! We’re family!”

    Ashanti has always been private about her relationships. We’re talking about someone who was with rapper Nelly for a whole decade and managed to play coy about it until the end. With that in mind, it would be quite the odd turn for her to go public all of a sudden with a new boyfriend. Perhaps she’ll let people know what’s true and what’s not shortly. If she doesn’t, you can’t blame her. It’s not the Internet’s business anyway.


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