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    Autonomous grocery store, Green Picks opens in Chamblee

    Green Picks Market invites residents to explore its cutting-edge artificially intelligent market.

    ATLANTA — Embracing the future of retail, a new autonomous grocery store opened Tuesday in Chamblee. 

    “Getting here has not been easy by any means,” said Ismael Fernandez, President of Greengate Consulting, the firm behind Green Picks Market. “We learned a lot on the way.” 

    Green Picks Market invites residents to explore its cutting-edge artificially intelligent market. The modern, convenient, and tech-savvy shopping destination promises a revolutionary experience with its smart checkout system.

    To shop, people only need to download the Green Picks app, complete a quick sign-up, and enter the store. Once inside, they can select their desired items and, with a simple grab-and-go process, complete their shopping experience. 

    “To put that into a simple form, that basically means cashless,” Kurtis Van Horn said.

    Van Horn is the senior vice president at Adroit Worldwide Media, the company behind the contactless technology.  

    “There’s no one here that’s going to check you out when you decide to leave the store,” he said.

    The innovative approach to retail aims to redefine the way consumers interact with their shopping environment. Green Picks Market positions itself as the go-to destination for those seeking a seamless, tech-driven shopping experience.

    A concept first born during the pandemic, the autonomous market was originally meant for an office space, Fernandez explained.

    “Quickly, the pandemic came about, and the office space market crashed out. So we had to pivot,” he added.

    Security-wise, Fernandez wants residents to know the market is protected by a wall that separates the shopping center from the outside. No cash is carried at the store since shoppers can only purchase items through the app or with a credit card. 

    As one of the leading officials behind the market, Fernandez explained that cameras and weight sensors in the store will keep track of everything shoppers grab, eliminating the opportunity for theft. 

    For any concerns community members have about potential jobs being lost due to the market’s simple check-up process, Fernandez informs them employees will be placed around the store, answering questions from shoppers. It’s part of his company’s people-first approach.

    Residents are encouraged to visit the autonomous market, witness the future of shopping firsthand, and discover the convenience Green Picks has to offer. The store is in Chamblee at 5255 Peachtree Blvd, Suite 104.

    Moving forward, the store plans to be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    Though the venture is not the first of its kind in metro Atlanta, it is the closest to Downtown Atlanta; during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nourish + Bloom Market, a Black-owned autonomous grocery store with robot delivery, opened in Fayetteville.


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