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    Baby Kanye is pulling up on Woah Vicky and any other cultural appropriating chicks out there. Sorry not Sorry. Woah Vicky came on the scene saying her accent is original and that she is a black girl. She even called out Mariah Carey, saying “I’m blacker than Mariah Carey”.

    Girls like Baby Kanye ain’t letting that slide. Through her lyrics Baby Kanye is calling a “Times Up” for the attention seekers who try to use being black as there motto for fame. From the comments she isn’t alone.

    We asked Baby Kanye what inspired her to write this song.

    ” My lyrics came off the dome. My boyfriend came up with the first line of the song, and so I ran with it and wrote the rest of the song in a week. The motivation is to kindly kill these fake ass culture vultures that try to be like us black queens but couldn’t even compare.

    This song is for Wakanda. This is for the culture #FuckWoahVicky And any other broken white girl we get to fix”

    Baby Kanye will be dropping this song on youtube and soundcloud on April 1st, 2018.

    When asked what inspires Baby Kanye to rap she says
    ” What inspires me is to know I can devour something on my own and knowing I rock with it 100% without anyone’s opinion. I let rap go for a while because I loss the inspiration because of the garbage in this industry but I’m I’m ready to eat.”
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