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    Barack didn’t leave us with one dull moment, from the opening of his speech stating “It’s good to be home” and thanking Americans for allowing him to serve, to touching on basis of understanding each other not only through social media but in person. He finalized his speech bringing his wife Michelle and daughter Malia to tears, and supporting the quote that landed him eight years in the White House; “YES WE CAN”.

    Barack addressed some of the most important issues without discrediting Trump, and elaborating on the realization that the changes in America are not due to the results, but due to the actions that drive results.
    Many had complained about the results that Obama was able to accomplish during his eight year term. As a result Obama has pointed out that during his eight year term “Americans were able to reverse a great recession, reboot our auto industry and unleash the longest stretch of job creation in our history. We have opened a new chapter with the Cuban people, shut down Iran’s nuclear weapon program, took out the mastermind of      9-11, won marriage equality, and secured the right to help insurance for one hundred and twenty million American citizens “. If this is not accomplishment then what is?
    Obama assured a smooth transition with Trump as he is appreciative of what Bush did for him. Regardless of presidency Obama states that our country can still move forward “as long as our politics reflect the decency of our American people”.
    Barack focused on the state of our democracy, and that solidarity is the key. Terrorism and inequality has tested our democracy since the beginning of this century. “Democracy will not work without a sense that everyone has economical opportunity”. One of the things he pointed out was the uninsured rate has dropped, and in regards to those who did not support Obama care he says, “for anyone that can put together a better plan he would publicly support it”.
    Obama spoke on post racial American issues, and even though the relations of race are not better then years before we can begin to move forward. Discrimination against “brown kids'” in the employment industry would only hurt America because they are representative of larger and larger shares of Americas workforce. “Last year income rose for all races, age groups, men and women, and laws of discrimination in the workforce need to be banned”.
    Obama quoted Atticus Finch “You never really understand a person … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Understanding each others challenges will develop a better America.
    Obama ended his speech pointing out how impossible it seemed to accomplish what seemed to be the impossible. He thanked Michelle for standing by him and supporting him, and becoming a role model to young ones everywhere. Barracked thanked his daughters for being gracious, kind and mature during those eight years, and finally he thanked his staff for believing in the dream that “YES WE CAN” accomplish anything.
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