Barack Obama's Favorite Movies For 2022 And Fans Are Shocked

Barack Obama’s Favorite Movies For 2022 and Fans Are Shocked

Barack Obama’s favorite movies list is missing something that fans are shocked by. Last year many gravitated towards his favorite’s music list for 2021. The music included sounds by Cardi B and Lizzo, for “Rumors”. As well as “MONTERO” by Lil Nas X . Both songs were top fav for many.
But this year some are questioning his favorites list for movies. He took to Instagram to reveal his top 17. In his post he said, “I saw some great movies this year – here are some of my favorites. What did I miss?”
The list included, The Fablemans, Decision to Leave, The Good Boss, Aftersun, Emily the Criminal, and Petite Maman. He also included top list movies like, The Woman King, Till, and Top Gun Maverick. Additional movies listed were, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, A Hero, Hit the Road, Tar, After Yang, Happening, Everywhere Everything All at Once, and Descendant.
But one particular title not listed on Barack Obama’s favorite movies caught everyone’s attention since it was missing from his list. He did not mention Wakanda and people were shocked that he either did not list it or have not seen it yet.
One person commented under the post saying, no Black Panther!
Another person wrote, WAKANDA FOREVER??!??
Another person insisted on Wakanda Forever & Avatar.
Almost every other comment under his post included Wakanda which also caused a debate. One person wrote saying, Even Obama knows Wakanda Forever wasn’t as good as The Woman King.
Do you think Wakanda should have been on Obama’s top list for 2022? Let us know in the comments below. Follow for more trending celeb topics.


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