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    Barefoot Awards $50,000 To Black Women-Owned Businesses With #WeStanForHer Campaign

    Barefoot Awards $50,000 To Black Women-Owned Businesses With #WeStanForHer Campaign

    We stan for Black female entrepreneurs — and thankfully, we aren’t the only ones! 

    Barefoot recently partnered up with the New Voices Foundation to award five women with $10,000 to help develop their businesses and support their entrepreneurial endeavors. What better name to ignite this initiative than #WeStanForHer? The campaign celebrates and supports Black women entrepreneurs in order to drive toward economic equity for the Black community. The grants celebrate, recognize, and uplift Black women-owned businesses and their founders’ unique journeys.

    “The #WeStanForHer program is a celebration of the Black community. To continue to see positive change, Barefoot is committed to recognizing the talents and gifts that stem from resilient Black-women,” says Shannon Armah, Sr. Associate Brand Manager for Barefoot. “As a brand that strives to bring people together by creating moments of fun for everyone, directly supporting the efforts of Black women-owned businesses is essential to our mission. We stand to learn a lot from the Black community and, true to our values, Barefoot will always listen to the inspiring voices.”

    These badass women are changing the world with their ideas, startups and businesses and they will not only empower you, but they’ll make you want to start your own business.

    Teas With Meaning

    Committed to doing everything in life with meaning, Kamila Mitchell founded Teas With Meaning. As an organic loose leaf and bottled tea blend company based in California, Teas With Meaning looks to bring beneficial properties with each cup.


    Founded by Tinia Pina and based in New York, Re-Nuble is a leading developer of innovative, plant-based, animal-free agricultural technologies sourced from verified, unrecoverable vegetative waste streams.

    Base Butter

    She’Neil Johnson-Spence established Base Butter as a Pennsylvania-based skincare company on a quest to redefine the perception of beauty and its impact on our relationship with our skin. 


    Founded by Ehime Eigbe-Akindele, Maryland-based Sweetkiwi makes the best-tasting, low-calorie, yet nutrient-dense packaged foods that have targeted functional health benefits, using real ingredients carefully sourced from local businesses within the community.

    Sarep + Rose

    Robin Sirleaf founded New York-based Sarep + Rose to create global social impact by merging style and function through everyday fashion and home accessories.

    “New Voices Foundation is thrilled to once again join forces with Barefoot to support Black women entrepreneurs on the 2021 #WeStanForHer grants program,” says Richelyna Hall, Chief Impact Officer. “By investing capital, access, and expertise through coaching and mentoring in this new group of Black women business owners, we are continuing our mission to create an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, and to have a lasting impact on our economy, and in the communities and families of Black women.”

    For more information about the New Voices + Barefoot #WeStanForHer Grant recipients or for more details about #WeStanForHer, visit

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