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    BeyGood Honors Chicago Activists During Black History Month

    BeyGood news enlightens the culture on young Black philanthropists from Chicago, working through their own talents and life changes to bring positive changes in the world. On February 2nd BeyGood posted to their social media platform their first honoree.

    “A selfless advocate for Black Lives, Black Stories, and Black culture we celebrate Charlene A. Carruthers for her leadership, conviction and dedication.”

    As we are a Chicago owned company the history and future of Carruthers marks great words on our city. Her work spans more than 15 years of community organizing across racial, gender and economic justice movements. As the founding national director of BYP100.

    On February 2nd, the media blog also recognized Virgil Abloh. Abloh was born outside of Chicago in Rockford Illinois. He grew among some of the greatest to come from the city. Abloh first met popular musician Kanye West while working on his T Shirt designs at a Chicago print shop.

    He would go on to create one of the biggest brands, “Off White” which surpassed sales of Gucci in 2018, and eventually make history as the first African American to take the helm at industry giant Louis Vuitton.

    On February 17th, BeyGood honored Martese Johnson. In 2012 Johnson graduated from Chicago Kenwood Academy. After graduation he attended the University of Virginia.

    During an arrest caught on camera in March of 2015 Johnson was brutally harmed by Police. Videos surfaced of The University of Virginia student brought to the ground by Virginia Beverage Control officers, handcuffed, his face bloodied and requiring stitches. Johnson and witnesses claimed he had done nothing illegal and nothing to provoke the officers. The images went viral and sparked protests, alleging racism by the officers.

    Johnson was 20-years-old at the time of the attack and filed suit against officials that reached a $249,950 settlement out of a 3-million-dollar lawsuit.

    Johnson and Carruthers both used their voice and actions to stand for equality and justice. Virgil Abloh has used his life to leave a legacy, inspiration, and hope for young Black entrepreneurs.

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