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    Beyonce Clapped Back After Tik Toker Called Solange A Witch

    Only days after Solange debuts at the NYC ballet, Beyonce clapped back at haters via Instagram while cheering her sister on after a successful Ballet debut.

    After leaving Milan previously, Solange Knowles headed to New York for the Premiere of “Play Time,” her first composition for ballet. The ballet was choreographed by Gianna Reisen and costumes by Palomo Spain featuring 800,000 Swarovski crystals.

    Knowles drew quite a crowd. The audience consisted of Tyler The Creator, Telfar Clemens and Luar designer Raul Lopez. Additionally, Kristin Davis, Laverne Cox, Billy Porter, Queen Latifah, Amy Sedaris and Julia Fox also attended. But more importantly her mom and sister cheered her on while attending also.

    a TikToker named, Get Witchy Wit It has gone viral for the wrong reasons after she theorized that R&B artist Solange, who recently composed music for the New York City Ballet, is a witch. Many fans were not just weirded out by the claim, but also criticized the theorist for misinterpreting what could easily be Solange’s personal spirituality and accused her of racism and forming something out of nothing.

    The superstar family have been attacked on many occasions with people stating they practice a cultism, regardless of how much they vocalized and actively work close with their Methodist church.

    Pastor Rudy Rasmus of St. John’s United Methodist church has also confirmed on many occasions, how active the girls are with continuing God’s work. He spoke with E back in 2017 on how Beyonce helped with Hurricane Harvey, and more. The singer also recently, openly thanked her church and her pastor for his prayers over their family. But people can’t seem to mind their business and focus on their own spiritual goals.

    Beyonce clapped back at Tik Toker in a Bey nice kind of fashion.

    She wrote to Instagram saying, beloved sister, there are no words to express the pride and admiration I have for you. You are a visionary and one of one. Congratulations on being the first African American woman to compose for the New York City Ballet. The piece you composed is phenomenal. I love you deep.

    Might I suggest you don’t f*** with my sis.



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