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    Beyonce’s New Song Break My Soul Drops Tonight At Midnight

    Beyonce’s New Song Drops Tonight

    Beyonce’s new song ‘Break My Soul’ expected to drop on June 21st at midnight.

    The ‘Lemonade’ artist spilled the tea on social media.  She posted: “6. BREAK MY SOUL midnight ET” on her bio.

    ‘Break My Soul’ marks the first single from her new album Renaissance. The full album releases on July 29th, 2022.

    The mom and CEO also marks the new era with the drop. The solstice takes place on June 21st. The June solstice marks the shortest nights and longest days of the year. Also, the beginning of Summer.

    This makes sense. Since her new album is titled “Renaissance” then providing awareness to respects of nature via art seems very philanthropic. The Renaissance and Scientific Revolution were responsible for the introduction of ideas such as a heliocentric solar system and laws of planetary motion.

    First published in 1687, Newton’s law of universal gravitation theorized that all particles exert a gravitational force and that gravity — affected by both mass and distance — universally commands the movements of everything from terrestrial rain to planetary orbits.

    As modernist, the solstice is a time to recall the reverence and understanding that early people had for the sky.

    Beyonce posted a few photos from her Vogue spread on her page as well. The latest one reminded us of a clock. Signifying time. Also, the wife of hip hop star and entrepreneur Jay Z stood in the middle of wheel. Meanwhile her body stood as the minute and second hand with her legs separated.

    Her mother, Tina Lawson joins fans waiting patiently. She shared several snippets of Bey on the gram. Some included previous studio clips and performances.

    One post in particular captioned Justin Timberlake in the studio listening to the 28-time Grammy winners vocals. During the video Timberlake praised Beyonce, saying “something is wrong with you.” She replied, “Thank You.”

    Tina Lawson captioned the video saying, Repost: Just a little reminder.


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