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    Beyoncé’s Real Hair Braids, Ponytails, and All 2008 to 2024

    Beyoncé’s real hair has been one of the biggest topics talked about over her career. Despite the countless number of times she has shown her scalp, it seems like people can not grasp the fact that she wears wigs for wigs and not because she is bald.

    Over the years Beyoncé’s real hair has been intentionally on display. Even still she was stigmatized by the perception that Black women can’t have that much real hair, especially if they wear wigs or weave.

    Most recently Beyoncé, hopefully put a stop to the misconception of hair that has plagued Black America. 

    Not to be confused with Lady GaGa’s song Telephone, Beyoncé and Lady GaGa first teamed up in 2008 for the “I Am Sasha Fierce” album track “Video Phone”. Directed by Hype Williams the Cecred artist shared behind the scenes capture of herself getting her hair braided in preparation of wearing a wig. Even then her hair was long, thick and healthy.

    On two separate occasions in 2017 and 2019, Tina Knowles, the mother of Beyonce and Solange shared a video of Beyonce’s hair.

    The video and a photo posted a few years after Mrs. Carter cut her hair in 2013. 

    Giselle spoke about the metamorphic moment during an interview with Essence.  INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back !! She is going to get me,’ followed by a worried face emoji.”I love how we associate a certain hairstyle with moments in our lives, like that short-hair moment,” she told Essence, referring to her pixie cut. “I remember the day I decided to just cut all my hair off. I didn’t have a particular style in mind. It wasn’t an aesthetic choice, but it was a very big emotional transformation and metamorphosis that I was going through.”

    Four years later, when her hair grew back, her mother captured her locks with a caption saying, INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back !! She is going to get me,’ followed by a worried face emoji.

    Fast forward to now.

    14 years away from “Video Phone”. 9 years away from the pixie cut. 7 years away from Tina Knowles confirmation, and a whole hair care line later, Beyonce once again confirms her real hair, while her hair stylist, Neal Farinah for years, treated her locs with CÉCRED. So the question is are yal finally convinced?

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