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    Being black has no boundary in eye color, hair color, hair texture, skin complexion, nose size or several other stereotypes of what “black” is. Here are several celebrities that look nothing like want others may consider black, but they are.

    Pete Wentz:
    His dad was a school counselor, his mother was an attorney. His father is German and is Afro-Jamaican on his mother’s side.

    Maya Rudolph:
    The daughter of Minnie Riperton, a well known African American singer who was big influence to Mariah Carey. Maya’s father was her mother’s producer.

    Wentworth miller:
    Miller said in 2003 that his father is black and his mother is white. His father is of African-American, Jamaican, German, and English ancestry; his mother is of Russian, and Swedish.

    Rosario Dawson:
    Rosario was not raised by her biological father but is fully aware of her unique ethnicity. She is a mix of Afro-Cuban, Puerto Rican, Irish and Native American.

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:
    The Rock needs no explanation of who he is, he stays relevant in movies and social medium. The actor was born to a father who is a black Canadian (Nova Scotian) of Irish descent. His mother has Samoan ancestry.
    Gabrielle Reece:
    Gabrielle is an American professional volleyball player, sports announcer, fashion model and actress. Her mother is of Irish-American descent, while her father is African-American. 

    Mariah Carey:
    Mariah has always been own about her ethnicity. She spoke about the struggles her Irish mother from Illinois had, when she decided to marry Mariah’s father who is African American and Venezuelan.

    Derek Jeter:
    Famous baseball player and ex boyfriend of Mariah Carey was born to a mother of English, German, and Irish ancestry, and father of African-American.

    Darnell Martin:
    Producer if Cadillac Records, prison song, and other great movies. She was born in Bronx, New York, the daughter of Marilyn, a dancer of Irish-American descent, and an African-American attorney. She was the first African- American woman to direct a film backed by a major studio. 

    Betty Boop:
    The subject of stolen identity, and example of cultural appropriation. Betty Book was a drawing of Esther Jones. Esther was the original artist phrasing “Boop-oop-a-doop,” most famously heard in her 1928 hit song, “I Wanna Be Loved By You.”

    Rashida Jones:
    A well known actress, currently in television series like Parks and Recreation, and big movies like 2009 I Love You Man, is The daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones.

    Rita Ora:
    Some may argue because Rita Ora is Albanian. However, Albanians are not classified as white except for in America for political reasons.
    If you read what the contemporary white extremists (like Stormfront) have to say about Albanians, they refer to Albanians as “Turks” not “Whites.” 

    Sofia Richie:
    Sofia Richie,fashion designer and model is the daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie who’s is also the father of Nicole Richie.

    Paris Jackson:
    Rumors once said she isn’t Michael Jackson daughter but her eyes are a dead give away to her father Michael. The structure of her eyes and cheeks are from the Jackson’s.

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