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    Black Woman Goes Off On Police Commissioner Meeting Her Name KJ Brooks Here Are The Details

    KJ Brooks whose real name is Keiajah has gone viral after she politically reads the Kansas City Board. KJ is an activist based in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Her facts and studies will make you double think.  “Jesus another unarmed black men killed by held bound authorities in the book you people claim to love so much.” Yup who learned something from that line alone!

    Brooks also pointed out how the department of uses black children as photo opportunities, and says she wants to turn the building into “luxury low cost housing.”

    Brooks first shared the video of her speech to her own Instagram. She wrote, “I spent this morning DRAGGING the board of police commissioners for their COMPLICITY in the brutalization and MURDER of black people in kansas city. they looked soulless and apathetic as the others detailed their frustration and anguish about the gravitas of this situation. so i used my time to drag them. 😊”


    Several facts from her condemnation to the department included, “it’s asinine to be called “radical” or a home grown “terrorist” for not wanting GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES to KILL CITIZENS in any instance.”

    KJ Brooks explained, “i’m not here begging anything of soulless white folks and self-preserving black folks. you get one life. and YOU ALL. EVERY ONE OF YOU IN THIS ROOM. have chosen PROFITS over PEOPLE. and that’s PATHETIC.”

    One by one she politically demolished the board of police Commissioners with facts to the point that she even pointed out that one member spent the day with his head in his hands … Shame.

    KJ Brooks is part of The Chingona Collective an organization led by Black indegionous and Latinx women who live lives dedicated to the liberation of our people.

    Brooks has fought and even been arrested for standing up for freedom. This sister is a walking wake up call.

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