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    Buying gifts online? BBB warns of new ‘discreet shipping’ fees scam

    The BBB warned on Friday in a scam alert that phony e-commerce sites have been hitting shoppers with a bill for “discreet shipping.” 

    The extra fee allegedly pays for special packaging or stamps, but according to the nonprofit, it’s a trick to get consumers to hand over more money. 

    The BBB said consumers order something online and pay for the product and shipping. But before the item can be delivered, the vendor contacts the consumer and claim they need to pay an extra fee for “discreet shipping.”

    The bureau said it’s gotten “multiple reports” of the scam from consumers who purchased diet pills, vaping products, ammunition, CBD edibles, or other similar products. 

    Some consumers have also been told by scammers that they must pay for “discreet package stamps” to prevent their packages from passing through customs.

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