California hires inmates to fight fires. According to the state this was a great way to save money. Each inmate is being paid 1 dollar an hour. Most inmates have volunteered to help. There’s a bigger catch to this battle. According to the San Francisco GateSan Francisco Gate 102 of those inmates are female.
California female inmates are part of a program partnered through the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and Cal Fire.
Cal Fire trains incarcerated men and women to handle fires. California officials assure safety the inmates have to be considered low safety risk. Physical tests have also been conducted to assure strength. Tests consists of 35 push ups, 5 pull ups, 5 chin ups also a one mile run in nine minutes or less is conducted. Cal Fire directs the inmates to cut fire breaks that either stop the fire or slow it down or change it’s direction.
California inmates have been so dedicated to the job that they have been working 72 hour long shifts. According to inmates have been battling the blaze in 115 degree weather, not including the heat from the fire. Along with the heat the inmates are carrying at least 60 pounds of equipment on their backs to fight the blaze.
Inmates Including men and women at least 4,000 in mates are fighting the blaze with fire fighters. According to Sessa, ” The value of this program is to teach people skills that most of us take for granted”. California officials argue that the amount of pay for the inmates are unrealistic and slave like. Residents can not deny that it has been a great way for the state to save money. According to statistics an estimated 100 million a year is how much the state is saving, but 76,320 is what taxpayers pay for inmates each year.
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