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    Candace Owens Podcast Speaks On Halle Bailey Playing Ariel But Gets Debunked By White Irish Man

    The Candace Owens podcast loses a debate on Halle Bailey playing Ariel before they could start one.

    Candace Owens podcast talk of Halle Bailey playing Ariel resulted in debunking of her uneducated comment.

    The 33-year-old took a jab at Halle Bailey and the true Christian community when she decided to make statements as if God’s creations had limits.

    The uneducated conservative influencer stated that everything turned upside down because of the radicals. Additionally, stating that the red heads were the true minority. But her insinuation of red heads referred to redheaded white people only. Needless to say
    Owens forgot to realize that red heads are not just white. They are Black, Asian and Spanish. Having red hair is not an ethnicity. But rather a trait that carries through all genes.

    Rebel Tally, the anti-capitalist debunking the status quo spoke on the origins of Ireland, which also discredits the Candace Owens Podcast take on Ariel.

    During research findings equated to the first Irish being Black. Other scientific evidence also supported the facts. Scientists developing a genetic database of ancient Irish genomes from all periods of pre-history to understand how the modern Irish gene pool came about.

    According to TCD geneticists Dr Lara Cassidy, the hunter-gatherer Irish not only had dark skin, but also bright blue eyes – a combination rarely seen today.

    They operated mostly along the coast of the Burren gathering shellfish, and then moving inland to hunt wild boar and gather hazelnuts.

    The Burren’s unique geological landscape means it has preserved evidence of millennia of settlement in the area of west Clare.

    The hunter gathers were replaced by early farmers. The earliest evidence of farmers in Ireland is in the Burren. They arrived approximately 6,000 years ago in what was known as the Neolithic era.

    “We know now from ancient genomes that farming was accompanied by a whole group of people moving into the continent from the region now known as modern Turkey, ” she said.

    So, before Candace Owens fully debunks the character of Ariel being black based on red hair, someone should ask her to define the group of red heads she refers to.

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