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    Candace Owens Trends After Parody Account Posts Pic Of Stacey Dash Instead

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    "Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens

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    Candace Owens gets dunked on quite routinely on Twitter and more of the same has occurred this fine Monday morning (September 27). The controversial conservative commentator and media personality found herself trending on the social media service after a reported parody account tweeted an image of former Trumper Stacey Dash in Owens’ stead.

    “Candace Owens will be our first female President of the United States, and wokesters won’t vote for her, because they’re the real racists,” tweeted @GaryPetersonUSA, which Twitter framed as a parody account of an older conservative white man who is all about the MAGA vibes if you get our meaning. If true, the account is actually pretty spot on when it comes to the sorts that frequent that side of the political discourse of late.

    As a result, Owens, who probably had it coming for something she did in the recent past, became the butt of new jokes and of course, some folks truly do believe she’d make either a fine POTUS or at least a good running mate to the failed and allegedly corrupt former president in Donald Trump, who is still rather popular among “MURRICA FIRST” types.

    In case you’re wondering what kind of president Owens would be, check out this doozy of a tweet she dropped off over the weekend:

    What’s your favorite Democrat hoax?

    Two-year Russia hoax

    Jan 6th, fire-extinguisher-beat-an-officer-to-death hoax

    Or the more recent border-patrol-whipping Haitians hoax?

    So hard to choose just one when I honestly love them all.


    Check out some of the reactions to the latest Candace Owens trending topic below.

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    Edge Deficient Candace Owens Trends After Alleged Parody Account Posts Image Of Stacey Dash In Her Stead 
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    This is low key a fire tweet.

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