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    Cardi B and Offset Partied at Starlets Of New York Night Club

    Cardi B and Offset partied at New York Club then this happened

    Cardi B and Offset partied at Starlets of New York night club then she had to grab the mic. The clubs DJ decided to play Nicki Minaj’s “Do We Have a Problem” and gave several shout outs to Nicki Minaj. While the music played Cardi B and Offset noticed the seemingly dis but still danced in good spirits.

    Belcaliz was even seen sipping on her drinking and dancing with her sister Hennessy Carolina standing next to her.

    Neither artist or their team showed irritancy or disrespect to Nicki’s song. However, the DJ consistently kept shouting out Nicki Minaj without acknowledging Cardi in the building.

    Finally, the “Up” artist decided to turn things up. As she spoke on the mic she said, “We want all the f*ckin’ smoke. We getting dangerous tonight. DJ are we getting dangerous tonight?

    Bardi fans had several comments on the disrespect. One person tweeted, That Dj is mad messy… Knowing Cardi is there Lol… But glad she kept it cute! no need to make a scene just because a song is playing! We see your growth Cardi!!

    Some Barbz also commented on the incident saying, Cardi B & her husband Offset from the Migos vibing to Nicki’s “Do We Have A Problem?” Last night at a NY club!

    Some argued that Cardi was not vibing, in fact she was mad. Neither artist have commented on the incident.

    Starlets of New York have not put out a statement either. The rest of the night Cardi B and Offset were seen enjoying themselves. Bardigang even threw some dollars in the middle of the floor. At this point it looks like she enjoyed herself so much that she had to take her jacket off. Oh, and yes the DJ did change the music.

    Do you think it was a mistake or disrespect?

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