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    Cardi B lets out all her political and uncensored thoughts in her April feature in Cosmopolitan magazine.

    Cardi talks about the “Me Too”movement saying that it only protects a group of women, but video vixens have been making claims about unfair treatment in the industry. She says she was going to be a vixen but if there was a complaint people wouldn’t care, they would say “oh well, she’s a ho”.

    Cardi b tells Cosmo, it’s time people start respecting strippers. She makes it a point to say she used to be a stripper all the time because people don’t respect strippers.

    “Just because somebody was a stripper don’t mean they don’t have no brain”

    Cardi carries a DGAF attitude because she constantly has to stand up for herself. Even when it comes to her ethnicity. Because of her complexion it’s like she has to prove she is black. Her mother is trinadian and her father is dominican.

    Cardi is thought of to have this hard knock life because she was a stripper but she grew up at a performing arts school and her manager actually suggested she stripped. Cardi had the college opportunity but she dropped out and start working at a grocery store.

    Cardi also says why she doesn’t leave Offset. She made a statement  ” – but people don’t know what I did, I ain’t no angel.”

    Cardi was also asked who she would love to work with in the future, she responded “Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Lady GaGa. Even though Cardi would love to work with these artist, when asked who she looks up to shay says her mom and her cousin. Cardi has a cousin who is a single mom working hard and Cardi admires her ability to stay strong.

    Cardi’s full Cosmopolitan issue comes out in April 2018.

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