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    Cardi B Getting Bullied By Candace Owens Again

    Candace Owens cannot get enough of being a bully, her political career comes after top celebrities like Cardi B.

    May of last year Candace Owens attacked Cardi B on Twitter, coming after her hit “WAP” song. The adulterated song is obviously for the adult community, but Candace Owens stated that “We are celebrating perversity in America.”

    However, when was it not ok to talk about sex in America, when it is taught in schools, and/or when you are married and enjoy your sex life, like Cardi B.

    The artist responded back to Owens in a political and business-like manner.

    Initially, Cardishared the video of the appearance on her verified Twitter account, writing “Yaaaayyyyyyy WE MADE FOX NEWS GUYS !!! Wap wap wap.”
    “Matter fact I’m just going to thank Candy (Owens) She put my performance on Fox News giving it more views that boosted the views on YouTube and is counting towards my streams and sales,” the rapper tweeted. “Winking face with tongue STREAM UP AND WAP. REMEMBER GROWN PARENTS ONLY YOU CAN MONITOR WHAT YOUR KIDS WATCH NO1 ELSE.”

    At that time Candice Owens threatened to sue Cardi B.

    “It was not an idle threat,” Owens told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham about the possibility of a lawsuit during an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle.”

    Owens in the interview accused Cardi B of attempting to “slander” members of her family.

    On a recent episode of the “Full Send” podcast, Owens, a Black Republican, took aim at the “Up” rapper while kicking it on the couch with Kyle Forgeard, Bob Menery and another guest.

    When Bob Menery asked her about her beef with Cardi B, she seemingly couldn’t wait to try to shade the wife and mother of two.

    Owens said, “It’s incredible how uneducated she is. She just got embarrassed on Twitter.”   “She was just saying stuff about politics, and I was just responding,” she told the men. “I wasn’t even being rude, I was just telling —like, she literally doesn’t even know what country she’s in, how the country works.”

    Just as distracting to Owens as Cardi’s politics was her social media etiquette.

    “When she types, there’s 87 typos in basic words. And yet, same thing, she’s mouthing off and saying things and she literally doesn’t understand like — I don’t even think she understands like, Congress has a Senate and a House of Representatives. She has no idea what she’s talking about,” she said.

    Spiraling Owens into more bully talking, the host asked her to choose between Cardi and her rap nemesis, Nicki Minaj. A rivalry between the two femcees has gone back for years and came to blows in an actual fight at the Met Gala in 2018.

    The men asked Owens if she would ever fight Cardi and she agreed that she would.  On Thursday, Feb. 17, Cardi B saw the clip of the interview on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram account and responded.  She wrote in the comment section, “What’s embarrassing is that she tried to get her lawyers to make me do a public apology after she’s been attacking me for months and try to make me pay her 75K in a month or she threatened to sue with NO CASE….. Like how smart you are and don’t even know the law?”

    Since September 2020, Candace Owens has been targeting Cardi B. The far-right political agitator went on Ben Shapiro’s talk show and said that Black people should be “insulted” about Joe Biden enlisting Cardi B to help with voter turnout.

    “If Black Americans aren’t insulted by the fact that Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement for the entire year, made an appearance and came out because he was going to do an interview with Cardi B, do we have nothing better to offer?” Owens said. “I mean, this would be akin to Donald Trump saying, ‘I’m going to give no interviews,’ but he came up and he decided to give an interview to Justin Bieber…. Justin Bieber, I am sorry, I know you are Christian and I don’t want to put you in the same boat as Cardi B, but it would be absurd…. It’s because you’re pandering.”

    Cardi B Getting Bullied By Candace Owens

    After that comment, Cardi B experienced a flux of social media bullying, while her sister Hennessy Carolina and her girlfriend were harassed by Trump supporters while at the beach because they were lesbians.

    The Billboard chart staple responded to this jab and the harassment on Instagram Live saying, “No matter how much money I make, no matter how hard I work, I can’t be a f—ing free American. My sister can’t be a f—ing free American. You got this f—ing Trump-supporting family harassing two lesbians. The f—?”

    She also said, “You’re saying Joe Biden is pandering because he’s using a popular figure like me. But your president, the guy that you f—ing love so much, he panders as well too…. I’m gonna keep telling my millions of followers to vote until we get your president out of here.”

    In an IG Live response, Candace Owens said, “You continually keep saying you have a No. 1 song. It means s—.” Nobody cares about a song about your ‘wet a– p—y.’ Excuse my language for my followers… That has nothing to do with Black America and whether or not you are helping or hurting.” She also listed demands for Cardi in her caption, including, “Stop using your platform to call for more black deaths. Stop lying about Trump. Stop supporting Joe Biden who supported segregation and the mass incarceration of black men.”

    The two went back and forth before Cardi just stopped responding. Owens posted this image on Twitter, declaring herself the Michael Jordan in this game of back and forth.

    What are your thought on Candace Owens approach with Cardi B? Is this bullying to you?

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