Cardi B Says The Jet Ski Photo With Offset Was Leaked

Cardi B says the jet ski photo with Offset was leaked, and that she and Offset are NOT back together. The entertainer went to social media to explain that she was never giving permission to send the photo of her and Offset out to the public. The photo was taken by jet ski instructor, who apparently told Cardi and Offset that he was only taking photos so that they could have good memories of this moment. Cardi advises her fans not to go to them, referring to the instructor as the “Jet Ski Nigga”.

Cardi and Offset both posted photos as well of them being on vacation. However, the photos posted by Cardi and Offset were not photos of them together. We know that ever since Cardi confirmed to social media that her and Offset was getting a divorce, Offset has been trying hard to make things right. Offset showed up to Cardi’s show with a gift and a public apology.

Offset Apologizing To Cardi On stage

Since the divorce confirmation Cardi has been on an emotional roller coaster. Cardi has been spotted living her life to the fullest, dishing out the finger to Offset on stage, and admitting that she misses him for “certain reasons”. We are assuming this vacation was an outlet for them to talk about their issue and try to get things right. Especially since Summer Bunni took back the apology that she originally sent out to Cardi, guessing that she decided to be o.k with being a home wrecking whore.

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