Cardi B Talks About Her Surprise Party and Baby Kulture on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Cardi B stopped in to Jimmy Kimmel Live and talks about her surprise party and daughter Kulture. Cardi opened up the show with some dance moves, while sporting a Valery Kovalska blue suit.

The rapper talks about how she was so drunk before the surprise party, and jokes that she may still be drunk during the show when she confused a lambo for a porshe truck that Offset brought her for her birthday.
She also notes that during her pregnancy Offset would tell her to stop having attitudes before the baby is born, because the baby would have the same attitude. According to Cardi, Offset was right.

Cardi B admits that she had trouble finding a nanny for her daughter. Cardi says she loves motherhood joking “I wish I would of done it when I was a teenager”. She also opens up about her vagina being stitched after giving birth.

Bardi goes on to say she would like to do normal things with her baby but right now , she has to keep it very low key.


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